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What is GDM Wear Limited?

GDM (Global Dress Manufacturer) Wear Limited is Privet Company that works to produce and Export of Ready Made Garments Globally.

How do I proceed to produce my Styles for my Clothing Line?

For a Quote and Details about Garment Manufacturing please get the Tech Packs and Spec Sheets to us with your Order Quantity and Quantity Breakdown.
It is important to know the manufacturing detailing and possibility. So Tech Packs and spec sheets are important to give you a firm picture for the garment manufacturing possibility.

Was hoping that I could discuss what the steps would entail and cost?

To give you an idea about the costing we should have some idea about your garments styles and it would be great if we get the Tech Packs for the styles you want to produce. Costing part entirely depends on the order quantity and detailing that goes on your styles. To do this tech packs are important and we must know what goes in the garment styles.

How fast can you quote pricing after receiving specs, sketches, or pictures?

Once the Tech Sheets / Sketches and Pictures are given we can give you the quote within 24-48 hours.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept Letter of Credits (LC’s) at sight or Telegraphic Transfer (TT’s) seem to be ubiquitous and must – haves when conducting business with Bangladeshi companies. But after building the relationship with our clients, we may select the convenient payment method as per both parities convenience.

What you produce and export?

We produce all of Knit (Polo Shirt, T-Shirt, Trouser, hooded sweatshirts, Jacket Etc.) Woven (Pant, Trouser Etc.) Sweater items.

Are you an agent or a manufacturer direct?

We are a Registered and 100% Export Oriented apparel producer.

Which Trade Association you have the Membership?

We have received the membership Bangladesh Garment Manufactures Exporters Association (BGMEA) and our Membership number is 5795.

Which kind of your factory building structure and safety?

Our factory is developed by pre-fabricated building at Ground floor with 3 Exits which is approved by authorized Engineer. And also we have fire Extinguisher, fire alarm, diesel pump hose real for water etc. system. Within 1 Minute can go out the entire employee from inside factory.

What is you minimum order quantity?

GDM Wear Limited does not set any specific minimum order quantities per style, color and size. We will support the client regardless of the order quantities. It goes without saying that higher order quantities will result in more competitive prices. We usually recommend our clients to place minimum order quantities of 3000 pieces per style or 1000 pieces per color.

How long does it take to develop a sample?

Sample Development goes through same process as Garment Manufacturing. For developing sample same as production required raw materials (fabrics, trims) must be developed. Usually development process takes around 20 to 35 days. However, if you are flexible on fabrics and trims and want to see fits and look of the garment it would take about 2 weeks.

What is the cost of developing a sample?

Sample cost is calculated by adding fabric consumption, pattern, Trims, labor and other factors. Depending on style and need sample cost is calculated. We inform sample charge before we go ahead further. You must get clothing tech pack and measurement specs Tech Sheet There is no way you get the sample development charge unless the apparel producer sees the design and tech sheet.
But specially or after building the relationship with our clients, we may select the convenient cost method as per both parities convenience.

What is your turnaround time once a production order placed?

For basic T-Shirts, or Knitted Garments the turnaround time is 50- 90 days where in if you are having customized woven fabrics and trims with your branding it takes 60 -100 days . Woven Garments 60-100. Sweater 90-120 days after receive the L/C.
For the repeat orders, we need less lead time and it is negotiable during the order placement time.

What is your quality assurance process?

Usually our own Internal Quality assurance team does quality assessment of the production pcs and once passed it goes to the next level.
The Quality assessment goes on each stage of Garment Manufacturing at Urban Purple and we have our inline quality assessment professional who stays in the factory at the time of production and check passes each garment. However, if you have your own quality assurance team you may instruct to get the QA process done at our Factory Premises.

What kind of clothing your factory is capable to produce?

GDM Capable of Producing all kind Knitted T-Shirts, Polo Shirt, Trouser, hooded sweatshirts and Dress, Woven Pant, Dresses, Bottom, and Denim Pants.

What fabrics do you specialize in?

Our Fabric Sourcing team is capable of Sourcing Knitted Fabrics, Woven fabrics plain, denim, and chiffon and Georgette (Plain and any color).
For any special or customized prints or checks or strives the fabric we need to order.

What type of clothing do you specialize in?

This is being a fashion studio and integrated apparel producer we are capable of any styles.

Are you able to be in email contact at least every two – three days to give status reports?

Our customer Care team is available to meet any buyer and customer 24/ 7 through E-Mail, Directly contacts over phone, Skype, viber and any other means that is the buyer is asking for.

Can we visit your website to get an idea of your current or past work history?

You are most welcome to visit our websites and take a look at our current work history and earlier and current client’s testimonials. We would be more than happy if you go through our website and similarly once we have your production done we would love to have your opinion placed in our website.

Would you please give references we can contact who can verify your work history and quality?

Please go through the blog and contact any of the clients that we have worked with and take the feedback on our work procedure and support that we did provided.

What will be shipment/Logistics support?

GDM Wear Limited is able to work by FOB or C&F basis. We provide a one-stop service from factory to your door in terms of logistics. We have carefully selected a world class freight forwarder and are able to provide you with this unique door-to-door experience. It goes without saying that GDM Wear Limited will also gladly cooperate with any nominated freight forwarder the client has selected. Our logistic staff will monitor the shipment of the goods ex-factory to the port of Chittagong. They will closely follow-up both with the freight forwarders and the factory to ensure that goods are delivered without any issues. Our logistic staff will also ensure that all export documents such as the commercial invoices, packing list, bill of lading and certificates of origin are forwarded to the clients on time.

Who are the carriers that you use for shipment/freight.

We use UPS, FedEx, Aramex and DHL only for our regular customers and those who pay for the shipping beforehand. Shipments are usually client’s responsibility.

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